Customer Stories

Hundreds of companies use Strongpoint
to manage change and compliance.
Here are a few of their stories. 


How we helped a publicly traded CPaaS company produce audit-ready reports with less stress.


Now that we've gone public, we're in a constant state of audit... if it wasn't so streamlined and easy to find, it would be a lot more challenging, and take up a lot more time. 



How we helped the largest tech IPO in years get SOX-compliant systems in just 30 days.


Our SOX audit team said we had the best controls for an organization pre-IPO that they had ever seen



How a publicly traded SaaS company built audit-ready change controls in under two weeks


Why didn’t we do this a year ago? It could have saved us a lot of heartache.



How we helped a large corporation automate 90% of the work around compliance.


(Strongpoint) manages change and compliance across all of our companies



How we helped a recently hired Director of ERP Systems ramp up in her new role faster.

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It’s very easy to dive in!



How we helped a multinational company automate key parts of their compliance workflow

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An 11/10 product!



How we helped a publicly traded pharma company build smarter, audit-ready processes from the ground up.

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Strongpoint will definitely help us avoid major risk around product validation



How we helped a manufacturer running Salesforce implement smarter governance and change control processes.

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Strongpoint is a powerful addition to Salesforce!


Industry Spotlights

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How a Strongpoint customer identifies dev issues earlier using automatic change review and environment comparison.

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How a Strongpoint customer runs major cleanup projects and makes changes with confidence. 

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How a Strongpoint customer produces accurate, audit-ready reports.

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