Salesforce Security


Your CRM is the engine that drives your business. It's critical to your success.

But cloud-based systems like Salesforce have unique compliance, privacy and change management challenges.

If you’re not proactive about Salesforce security — protecting data and business processes — you won't be able to compete, scale and succeed.

What’s the Problem?

Choosing a cloud-based CRM like Salesforce means you don’t have to worry about security, right? Wrong.  

While Salesforce handles much of the backend security and maintenance of its platform, how you configure and manage your system on an ongoing basis will determine whether or not your data and your mission-critical business processes are safe.

Think of things like access management and fraud protection, change management and data privacy — unless you have effective controls in place, these can all be significant vulnerabilities.

The cloud is really just another companys computer and storage resources-3

Introducing Strongpoint

Strongpoint is the smartest, safest, most automated way to improve the security of business-critical applications like Salesforce and NetSuite.

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Save Time

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Save Money

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Reduce Risk

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Get SOX Compliant

See It In Action

Book a meeting with the Strongpoint team — and see for yourself how we help lock down the most sensitive parts of Salesforce

Key Features for Salesforce Security

Automated documentation creation

Strongpoint scans your Org continuously to produce an accurate, up-to-date record of all customizations and the connections between them — standard and custom Objects, fields, profiles and permission sets, and more.

Dependency visualization

Strongpoint analyzes your configuration documentation and maps out the connections between customizations, and gives you visual tools and reporting so you know what will be affected if you make a change.

Access rights assessment and governance

Strongpoint maps out profiles, permission sets, roles and other access controls, and gives you tools to identify and deprecate redundancies, drill down and investigate permissions, and more.

Continuous change auditing and policy enforcement

Strongpoint lets you create change review and approval policies, automatically identifying risky changes, routing them to the proper approver, even integrating with external ticketing systems.

Ad hoc reporting

Strongpoint collects all changes, requests and approvals in an audit-ready log, showing what changed, what followed policy and what fell through the cracks — everything you need to prove compliance with SOX and other regulatory standards.

Platform-Native Delivery

Strongpoint is the only Salesforce security and compliance app built directly on the platform — your data never leaves your Org, eliminating the need for additional controls and making it fast and easy to produce audit-ready reporting. 

  • Superior performance

  • Secure and reliable

  • Highly intuitive

  • Easy to upgrade

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What Can Strongpoint Do?

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Harden Salesforce from malicious or accidental change, reduce access rights in alignment with least privilege principles, detect suspicious activities, and more.

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Automate compliance documentation, enforce segregation of duties, and proactively identify and remediate issues that can lead to audit failure.

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Streamline day-to-day administration, reclaim unused licenses, reduce storage requirements, and visualize interdependencies for complete clarity.

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Read a Case Study

Publicly traded cyber resilience company Mimecast runs a complex CRM with a lot of development activity occurring across multiple environments.

Auditors were concerned about their CPQ system — in particular, the Advanced Approvals package, which integrates with NetSuite and could have a downstream impact on their financials. Strongpoint gave them big-picture visibility into what was happening in their Org — and an audit-ready trail that made staying safe and compliant simple. 

Read their story

Salesforce Security Use Cases

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Data Classification

Identify and track the most sensitive data in your Org.

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Access Management

Investigate access controls and flag potential security violations.

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Impact Analysis

See in advance what will happen when you make configuration changes to your Org.

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salesforce security 3@3x

Change Enablement

Free up IT resources while proactively managing risk around configuration changes.

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Reporting and Reconciliation

Get instant insights into Org security with pre-built change reporting.

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Configuration Data Controls

Build mitigating controls around your most sensitive data.

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Download the Salesforce Data Security Checklist

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