How a leader in home automation used smart tools to simplify their audits

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“Strongpoint has automated 90% of what we previously needed to do to achieve compliance.”

— Brian Keare, Group Vice President Of IT at Nortek


Nortek Achieves Compliance Excellence With Strongpoint

Nortek CoreBrands loved the speed and flexibility they obtained with NetSuite, but were struggling to pass IT audits – despite having multiple people dedicated to responding to auditor questions. On the advice of the accounting and IT services firm RSM, they implemented Strongpoint.

Within a few months, they were re-audited and recognized as the “gold standard” for compliance and change management in their group of companies.

How Strongpoint Helped

Without automated tools for change tracking, clearance and management, Nortek was faced with the task of manually reconciling which objects had changed, ensuring the changes were approved, and routing the approvals efficiently. They were struggling and wasting critical developer resources responding to auditor questions.

With Strongpoint, the Nortek team was able to drastically reduce the unproductive effort required for compliance while getting approvals completed quickly and efficiently. The Nortek team was able to focus on moving the company forward rather than spend time laboriously working toward compliance.

Key Tools

Automated Risk and Impact Analysis

Strongpoint automates triage of proposed changes, and advises the Nortek team on the level of change management required. Detailed automated impact analysis helps Nortek make good decisions quickly.

Automated Change Logging and Clearance

Strongpoint automatically logs all changes to custom objects to allow for strict management of objects deployed into Production account. Any pre-approved or low-risk changes are automatically cleared.

Audit Reports

Strongpoint audit reports provide complete traceability on all changes, dramatically simplifying the audit.

The Bottom Line

Strongpoint offers easy-to-implement compliance solutions for businesses of any size. To take the next steps and learn how we can help, start by completing this short quiz to get a price: 

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