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If you use Salesforce or Financial Services Cloud, Strongpoint can eliminate 90% of your compliance and governance costs

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Not sure where to start with Salesforce governance? We've teamed up with The Kravit Group to put together this guide to the five things you should be most concerned about. 

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The facts:

Salesforce and Financial Services Cloud systems are coming into scope for SOX and internal governance requirements

Unless you have Strongpoint, there’s no easy way to build airtight controls and produce detailed reporting that will keep your auditors happy

With Strongpoint 

You can manage risk and stay compliant without changing your processes

Here's how —

Strongpoint focuses on three areas of Salesforce most critical to SOX compliance and data integrity:

User Access

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Who can do and see what in the system


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How the system is customized, and how it changes over time

Configuration Data

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How configuration changes affect pricing and billing rules

User Access

Tight access controls are the first step in maintaining security and compliance in financial services organizations. 

The problem is that in Salesforce and Financial Services Cloud, access is governed by a mix of roles, profiles, permission sets and permission set groups. Changing a system of this complexity is risky, and there's no easy way in Salesforce to conduct the kind of detailed reviews necessary to minimize risk. 

Strongpoint documents and continually monitors your roles, profiles and permission sets and gives you tools to map out the connections between them, and between Objects and fields in your Org.

Visit our Access Management page for a detailed overview of how Strongpoint helps you streamline and monitor role and profile assignments in Salesforce. 


Banks, credit unions and other financial services providers may spend tens of thousands of dollars building out a customized CRM based on Salesforce or Financial Services Cloud. When an Org is heavily customized, however, out-of-the-box compliance solutions often fall short. 

Strongpoint maps out the customizations in your Org and shows you how they're connected. Then, it allows you to build change and approval policies based on risk of downstream impacts to compliance or security. Best of all, it captures all of this in audit-ready reports, so you can prove to your auditors that you're aware of all development activity and its downstream impacts.

Check out our Configuration Data page for a full walkthrough of Strongpoint's tracking controls and SOX-compliant change policies.

Configuration Data

Anything in Salesforce or Financial Services Cloud that could affect revenue recognition or financial reporting is potentially in scope for SOX. Auditors are increasingly looking at things like pricing and discount rules stored as configuration data to see that changes are being reviewed and tracked properly. 

Strongpoint is the only SOX solution that focuses on this data and allows you to build highly granular controls, and produce detailed reports showing auditors their effectiveness.

Based on a set of customizable rules, Strongpoint tracks changes to in-scope configuration data and captures them in an immutable log, showing who approved them and why.

Check out our Configuration Data page for a full walkthrough of Strongpoint's tracking controls and SOX-compliant change policies.

Strongpoint makes auditing an achievable goal, allows for clarity of changes and change management — it's one of the apps I will want to be around for the entirety of my career.

— AppExchange Review

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