Strongpoint Partners

Help us deliver best in class tools - Increase your service Offerings. Increase Revenue. Deliver more value to your clients. 

We help your consulting practice become a stronger, more profitable business

Partners can Increase Service Offerings, Drive Revenue, Improve Communication and Collaboration

Being a Partner has a number of benefits. With Strongpoint, you can:

  • Save hundreds of hours of re-work and deployment validation in your projects
  • Automatically document all of your work and customizations - saving days of work
  • Receive complimentary access to our tools during your new implementations
  • Access to a monthly license type exclusively for Partners and Managed Service Providers
  • Create opportunities for referral revenue

Our Partners are typically broken out into three main categories:

  • Strongpoint Referral Partners
  • Strongpoint Managed Services Partners
  • Strongpoint Implementation Partners

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Strongpoint Referral Partners

Customer Strongpoint

Have a customer that needs our tools? Bring us in!

System Documentation, Clean-up, Change and Release Management, and Compliance are requirements that could apply in some way to nearly all NetSuite and Salesforce implementations.

If you know your customers need help in any of these areas, but you don't have the time or expertise to deliver the solutions yourself, bring us in! Our team will meet with your customer directly to understand their requirements and we'll have a Customer Success Manager assigned to the account to support both you and the customer.

Strongpoint Managed Services Partners

Strongpoint can help you run your Managed Services program more efficiently!

Managed Services offerings are becoming increasingly common in the partner communities of the NetSuite and Salesforce ecosystems. Customers are looking for efficient ways to scale their cloud-based software tools and Managed Services are the perfect fit.

As this space gets increasingly competitive, it's critical for you to find ways to differentiate your offerings and deliver them as efficiently as possible.

Strongpoint helps partners reduce the time required to perform research, impact analysis, clean-up and optimization, and troubleshooting. The end result for your customers are faster turnaround times, better SLA achievement, and higher levels of satisfaction. For those working in regulated industries and with publicly traded companies, there may even be opportunities to deliver advanced compliance solutions in a fraction of the time.

Reach out to us today to learn more!


Strongpoint Implementation Partners


More advanced requirements call for more advanced tools

As a Stronpgoint implementation partner, you're able to deliver our tools directly to your customers. This typically works best with partners that have specific vertical knowledge and expertise, or are also providing advisory services for compliance requirements. The best examples are Life Sciences and publicly traded companies with SOX requirements. 

Don't worry - before getting started, we'll make sure that your team is fully trained and we'll work closely with you through your first few installs.

This is a great way for you to deliver best in class tools and layer your services on top! There's also an opportunity here for ongoing support and services once the tools are up and running!