Case Study: Health Information Technology

How one Strongpoint customer is managing 15+ years of Salesforce customizations – and prepping to automate their change controls

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“It’s not just a ‘nice to have.’
It’s kind of a necessity.”

For almost 20 years, our customer, a health information technology company, has been on a mission to simplify and secure interactions between clinicians, pharmacists and patients. The company has played a key role in developing IT infrastructure that supports better healthcare delivery and improved patient outcomes. 

Like any company that’s committed to innovation, they've grown considerably over the years — and their enterprise software has evolved alongside it.

They were an early adopter of Salesforce, and have been running their instance since at least 2004. Over the years, the company's Salesforce team has managed a merger with a competitor, and started to use the platform as a true CRM.

With all that change comes a lot of technical baggage. Looking for a powerful, easy-to-use-tool to manage it, they turned to Strongpoint. 

"The ability to use the DRD to get into our instance… with a lot of obsolete configurations and things like that, that’s been a huge time-saver."


Understanding a Complex, Customized Org

It should come as no surprise that our customer's Org is highly customized. For their small team, understanding this complexity when making changes has been a persistent challenge. “We have some objects where we are running out of fields. Not having things documented over the last 15, 16 years... it gets tough,” they told us. 

Now that they have Strongpoint, however, it’s a lot easier to understand things. Dependency Relationships Diagrams (DRDs) show exactly how custom objects connect to other things in their Org. As a result, they can avoid hours of investigation, and considerable risk, when making changes.

“The ability to use the DRD to get into our instance… with a lot of obsolete configurations and things like that, that’s been a huge time-saver,” they said.

Laying the Groundwork for Better Processes

If you want to make it easier to manage your Salesforce Org, documentation and cleanup are great places to start. But for our customer, that’s only the beginning. We’re currently in the process of setting them up with a comprehensive change management system that automates and simplifies much of the work they’re doing manually. 

Like a lot of teams running mature Salesforce Orgs, this Strongpoint customer found that even something simple like deprecating a picklist value could have unintended consequences.

“We’ve got some critical stuff that gets pulled out of Salesforce, and we’ve gotten slapped for breaking stuff,” they told us. 

Change Management in Action

An effective change management system starts with smart policies and automatic impact analysis.

Once Strongpoint change management is set up in their Org, every change our customer's Salesforce team makes will be assessed for business and technical risk.  Safe changes will be automatically approved and logged, while those that require more investigation will be assigned the appropriate process based on the established policies. 

The result? Our customer will be free to focus their attention where it’s needed most. And if issues do arise later, Strongpoint’s audit-ready change logs make it easy to investigate.

With everything in place, they'll be able to make changes to their Org — and meet their needs of the ever-evolving business — faster, and with greater confidence. Get a price below to learn more.

Working With Strongpoint

Our partnership with this customer is only just beginning, but as things evolve, their team knows they can count on us for support every step of the way.

“Claudia (Manjarres, Strongpoint Customer Success Manager) has been a great partner for us. Truly in the sense of being a partner, not just trying to get us to do more things, but trying to understand our business… and get us where we want to go.”

"Claudia (Manjarres, Strongpoint Customer Success Manager) has been a great partner for us."


Get our Guide to Compliance in Salesforce

As a health information technology company, our customer has complex regulatory requirements. Download our ebook "Four Steps to a SOX-Compliant Salesforce Org" for an overview of what auditors are looking at. 


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