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A free managed package that automatically documents customizations and the dependencies between them - "A Must-Have Admin Tool"

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Answer the question, "If I change this, what will break?"

Move faster and manage risk

Great documentation is the foundation for a great Org. With Flashlight, creating an accurate, up-to-date record of your customizations is simple. From there, our advanced tools leverage that data to help you manage, troubleshoot and investigate changes.

Automate Org documentation

Analyze​ dependencies on a customization

Anticipate potential problems

Accelerate ​the change process

Salesforce documentation has never been simpler

In a perfect world, you would have a complete record of all the customizations in your Salesforce Org and the connections between them. Unfortunately, getting this documentation is time-consuming and prone to human error. Until now.

Flashlight automatically creates a living record of all your objects, fields, workflows and other Force.com Metadata. With instant visibility into the state of your Org, you’re more responsive to broader business trends, and better positioned to manage things on an ongoing basis.

Sophisticated tools help you do more 

Flashlight is more than just documentation. Your free license also includes:

Dependency Relationship Diagrams​ that show, at-a-glance, all the dependencies on an customization

An ​Admin Dashboard​ with alerts that help you keep on top of changes in your Org

A powerful ​Finder​ that lets you search your documentation and filter results by name, type, creator or date

Impact Reports​ that answer the question, “If I change this, what will break?”

An ​Export​ tool that exports detailed object and field information for further analysis


...a Swiss Army Knife of system documentation, change management, and risk management

Installing Flashlight has been one of the best things I've done as an admin

...very helpful in tracking changes and in seeing the impacts of a new solution to the current system

Being able to see all connections to a field has often saved me from making costly mistakes.

I am sure that the deeper I get there, will be no way that I could ever go without it!

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