Automate the hardest parts of your job

Native tools for NetSuite and Salesforce

Strongpoint makes heavily customized enterprise software easier to manage, with industry-leading, award-winning tools for system documentation, impact analysis, change management, deployment and compliance. With it, everything from changing a picklist to prepping for an audit can be simple and stress-free.



Strongpoint for NetSuite

Use automated documentation to drive effective change management and continuous compliance


Strongpoint for Salesforce

See all metadata and dependencies, clean up your Org, make changes quickly and safely — and prove it 

Where should I start?

From system documentation through to continuous audit, there is so much that you can do with Strongpoint.

Here are a few great ways to start your journey with us:

  • Browse NetSuite and Salesforce use cases to see how other teams are saving time and money with Strongpoint
  • Review different product tiers for both NetSuite and Salesforce and find the perfect solution for you
  • Try it in your environment with a free, six-month trial of Flashlight for NetSuite or Salesforce 
  • Contact us directly to chat through some requirements or get pricing information:
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The Power of Automated System Documentation



Everything starts with automatic system documentation:

Clean up:​ Use pre-built reports and tools to identify old and unused customizations

Change management: Automate impact analysis, requests and approvals, and deployment

Audit and compliance: Reduce audit prep time by up to 90% with continuous audit tools 

Nortek saved 90% of audit prep costs — and reduced their audit fees by 75% — with Strongpoint

Nortek loves Strongpoint

When it came to change management and compliance, Nortek was up against a lot of challenges. Strongpoint laid out the best practices and gave them a solution that they could not have come up with on their own. 

Strongpoint implemented automatically across all subsidiaries and delivered a solution directly within NetSuite that automated 90% of what they had to do previously for audit.