NetSuite Configuration Management:

Find out why Admins love Strongpoint's NetSuite field mapping and account configuration management tools

Break the Bottleneck With Strongpoint

Highly customized NetSuite accounts can be extremely complex. And as good as NetSuite is at giving you ways to manage that complexity, many Admins find keeping up with the pace of change to be extremely time-consuming. 

Strongpoint solves this problem with a suite of NetSuite field mapping and configuration management tools that build off comprehensive account documentation to help you:

Understand the customizations in your account

See the impact of a potential change

Clean up technical debt

Troubleshoot broken customizations

Manage development and deployment

Free Ebook: NetSuite System Notes vs. Strongpoint Change Logs

System notes and audit logs are critical for troubleshooting configuration issues in NetSuite. But have their shortcomings — as many admins know from experience, it often seems like they provide both too much information, and not enough.

Download our ebook for a look at how Strongpoint's system notes close these gaps. 

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Strongpoint comes into play just about every single time that I make a decision.

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Steven Sweet Regulus Global

Learn why ERP administrator/consultant Steven Sweet has used Strongpoint in more than 18 NetSuite implementations. 

What Can You Do With Documentation?

Six Ways Strongpoint Makes a NetSuite Admin's Job Easier

Discovery: Customization Lists

Understanding how your account is configured is one of the main challenges NetSuite admins face when they're working in a heavily customized instance, starting in a new role or taking over from a team of consultants.

Strongpoint starts by scanning your account and mapping NetSuite fields, records, account settings and more, so you can instantly see how you're set up and how things are connected. Best of all, this record is constantly updated, so it's always accurate. 

Learn more about Netsuite Documentation

What Does Strongpoint Document?

Accounting Settings  and Lists Custom Records and Custom Record Fields Other Custom Fields (Body, Item, Entity, Column, etc.)
Mass Updates Saved Searches Unlocked and Unencrypted Script Records
Locked Script Records (without dependencies) Critical Settings and Preferences Forms

Script Deployments, Libraries

SCA folder files and all custom SS, SSP and JS files User Roles, Permissions, and Assignments
Workflows Dependencies  


NetSuite Field Mapping: Entity Relationship Diagrams

Strongpoint treats account documentation like data, and gives you several dynamic tools for working with it. The Entity Relationship Diagram is one our popular configuration management tools for NetSuite Admins — with it, you can perform NetSuite field mapping to see all downstream dependencies on a customization, and know instantly what will be affected if you make a change, and whether that change is safe to make or not. 

Watch the clip for a demo or check out our Impact Analysis for a look at our full range of manual and automated tools.

Account Optimization: Customization Cleanup

Unused customizations are a natural byproduct of NetSuite's exceptional flexibility — and a common occurrence in any mature account. When they build up, however, they make it harder for you to do your job, and can impact user adoption, too. 

Strongpoint gives you tools for identifying unused customizations that can be safely deleted right away. Then, it streamlines the investigation and approval processes for more complex deprecations.

Watch the clip for an overview of our Automatic saved search cleanup tool, then check out our Streamlining Your Account webinar for an overview of the full cleanup cadence.  

Troubleshooting: Change Logs

Strongpoint's change logs are a detailed record of what changed, how it changed and who did it. They're available in a report called, "What Changed" — a highly useful way to troubleshoot issues by homing in on recent development activity. 

Normally you'd do this using NetSuite system notes. And system notes can be incredibly useful — but they have their limitations. Watch our webinar: NetSuite System Notes vs. Strongpoint Change Logs for a complete rundown of the differences between Strongpoint change logs and NetSuite system notes

Resource Allocation: Change Management

Strongpoint tells you which changes are simple and which are complex, and lets you build custom change policies based on that risk. Pre-clear everything that's safe and simple, while elevating anything that could have business or technical consequences to the proper authority for review and approval.  

With Strongpoint, IT resources are allocated more efficiently and highly skilled NetSuite admins can focus on tasks that require their expertise. 

Learn more on our change management page, or watch this short demo to see it in action. 

(Strongpoint) gave us something that we didn’t have, and that we didn’t have time to do ourselves.

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Alex Riffle Teague

Customer Story: ERP Systems Administrator Alex Riffle uses Strongpoint's Flashlight tool for impact analysis and NetSuite configuration management.

Deployment/DevOps: Environment Comparison

Strongpoint’s out-of-the-box Environment Comparison tool shows you any and all differences between your NetSuite environments. Target newer-than-source for pre-deployment validation or troubleshooting, or run a full diff between your development and production account to ensure your latest change or release was deployed properly.

Learn more about NetSuite Environment Comparison, or read a short case study to find out how one Strongpoint customer used it to avoid a problem that would have taken hours to remediate after the fact. 

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Crash Course: User Roles and Permissions

Lock down access to your NetSuite account for increased security and simple auditors. Get our free ebook to learn more about Netsuite User Role and Permission Cleanup.


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