Strongpoint for Salesforce

Powerful change management, compliance, and data security tools for Orgs — and businesses — of all sizes

Enable your growth with Salesforce

Strongpoint's four product tiers offer progressively deeper alignment with your business practices, so you can document, optimize, administer and audit your Org.

In Salesforce, more customizations means more risk. But with Strongpoint, you'll be positioned to rise to the challenge of growth, and manage change with security and speed. 

Have a look at an overview of our four product tiers below:

  • Flashlight
  • Documentation & Optimization
  • Intelligent Change Enablement
  • Enterprise Governance


Strongpoint for Salesforce Products
Strongpoint Flashlight

Your first step towards a smarter, safer Org

Flashlight™ by Strongpoint

Flashlight documents all the objects, object relationships and processes in your Org — and the connections between them.

Automating what would otherwise be a manual process saves you time and money, and gives you confidence that you’re working with accurate, actionable information.

Automate and save

Flashlight’s powerful tools make it easy

When you can see how customizations are connected, you can know what happens when you make a change — or work backwards to pinpoint the source of an issue when it occurs. 

Key Features:

Dependency Relationship Diagrams
Admin dashboard and alerts
Impact reporting

Flashlight is ideal for smaller businesses, nonprofits and Orgs with relatively few customizations/users.

Streamline your Org — and prep for the next moves

Documentation and Optimization

When you’re ready to grow, you need a more powerful set of tools. Documentation and Optimization takes what Flashlight does and makes it smarter, easier and more proactive.

D&O comes fully loaded with powerful reporting, search, cleanup and monitoring capabilities that will help you streamline your Org and speed up your processes.


Optimize and thrive

Documentation and Optimization empowers your team to do more

When your Org is streamlined and your reporting is accurate, your team will spend more time on tasks that require their expertise.

Key Features:

Everything in Flashlight, plus:
Automatic change logs
Expanded reporting capabilities
Additional cleanup and search tools


Create audit-ready, automatic logs that document all changes to your Org
Save time and effort on cleanup projects by automatically IDing candidates for deprecation
Alert owners before archiving unused customizations

Documentation and Optimization is ideal for companies with a more mature/complex Org, or anyone planning a large cleanup project.

Get your business on the fast path

Intelligent Change Enablement

Without a formal change management program, all changes receive equal scrutiny. As a result, hours are wasted and businesses are slow to adapt to changing business needs.

With Strongpoint Intelligent Change Management, you can push changes dramatically faster, and deliver more value to your business and stakeholders.

Have a closer look at some of our use cases here!

Adapt and accelerate

Intelligent Change Enablement gives you the tools to move faster

With an effective change management program in place, you can evolve your Org — and your business — with complete confidence in your CRM. 

Key Features:

Everything in Flashlight and Documentation and Optimization, plus:
Automatic change management
JIRA/ServiceNow integration
Automated deployment and rollback
Environment comparison


Pre-clear up to 80% of changes
Free up internal expertise to focus on more important projects
Run validations before refreshing a sandbox or rolling out a change
Troubleshoot when environments fall out of sync

Intelligent Change Enablement is ideal for any organization where lots of users are changing the system frequently.

The fullest iteration of Strongpoint for Salesforce

Enterprise Governance

When you’ve reached the top of your field — when you’re competing with the major players and growing sustainably — your CRM has to work that much harder. When SOX or other regulatory standards come into spec, you need Salesforce to be fast, accurate and reliable. That’s where Enterprise Governance comes in.

Enterprise Governance is a powerful, intuitive and highly automated set of tools for cleanup, change management, compliance and auditing. It’s an admin’s best friend, and a CIO’s peace of mind.

Stay on top

Enterprise Governance brings growth and governance into better alignment

When you automate key financial and IT controls and release processes, you know your systems are safe — and your data is accountable to internal and external overseers.

Key Features:

Everything in Flashlight, Documentation and Optimization and Intelligent Change Enablement, plus:
CPQ/billing controls
Automatic continuous auditing
Multi-platform environment comparison
Audit-ready reporting for SOX, FDA and other standards


Reduce the cost of audit prep by up to 90%
Free up internal expertise to focus on more important projects
Validate deployments and roll back when necessary
Reduce the risk of fraud and system errors

Enterprise Compliance is ideal for publicly traded companies, businesses running multiple Orgs, and anyone in healthcare, pharma or  another heavily regulated industry