How Does Strongpoint Work?

Strongpoint is a managed bundle built entirely on the NetSuite platform that automates some of the most manual and difficult aspects of SOX compliance and change management. 

Learn how to better manage your NetSuite customizations — and their dependencies — with Strongpoint.

Stress-Free NetSuite Is Here

NetSuite was built for speed. But too often, moving as quickly as you’d like to puts safety and compliance at risk. For many admins, this is an ongoing, unsolvable dilemma — and a constant source of stress. 

Strongpoint starts by giving you automatic documentation of all customizations and NetSuite dependencies in your account, so you can see the downstream impact of a change. Then, a suite of progressively more sophisticated tools lets you understand your account — and automate your change and compliance processes.  

Strongpoint in Action

Everything starts with accurate documentation. Strongpoint scans your NetSuite account and reads all your customizations, NetSuite dependencies and critical settings and preferences.

As you make changes, Strongpoint updates the documentation and logs every change in an immutable record. As a result, you'll always have a comprehensive record of every customization in your account, showing you how they're connected and how they've changed over time. 

What Does Strongpoint Document?

Accounting Settings  and Lists Custom Records and Custom Record Fields Other Custom Fields (Body, Item, Entity, Column, etc.)
Mass Updates Saved Searches Unlocked and Unencrypted Script Records
Locked Script Records (without dependencies) Critical Settings and Preferences Forms

Script Deployments, Libraries

SCA folder files and all custom SS, SSP and JS files User Roles, Permissions, and Assignments
Workflows Dependencies And more

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Automation Frees Your Team

Having an accurate record of what's in your account — that is, your NetSuite customizations and dependencies — is an incredible timesaver on its own. But Strongpoint doesn’t just document your customizations. It also shows you:

  • Who is using them 
  • When and where they were last used
  • How they’re connected

From there, our easy-to-use diagrams, reports and search tools let you streamline cleanup projects, change management, compliance, reporting and more.

Check out our Use Cases page for more information. 

Continuous SOX Compliance

You will always be ready for audit with Strongpoint’s change management and segregation of duties modules.

When changes are made to NetSuite customizations, dependencies, configurations, permissions, role assignments or any other critical area, Strongpoint is watching, checking your approvals and logging violations for review and clearance. 

This continuous audit of your changes dramatically simplifies your audit saving time and audit costs.

Visit our SOX page to see it in action. 


Getting Started

Getting start with Strongpoint for NetSuite is simple:

  • Install Strongpoint. Strongpoint is a fully native SuiteApp for increased security and seamless integration with your account
  • Run the Spider. The initial Spider runs in the background and may take a few days, depending on the size of your account. It documents all of your NetSuite dependencies that makes changes simple and stress-free
  • Learn More. Check out our Blog and Webinar Library to explore some of the ways Strongpoint can simplify and automate NetSuite 
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The best way to get started with Strongpoint is by downloading Flashlight — our free, on-demand documentation tool. From there, reach out to one of our representatives to learn more about our other features.

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