With Strongpoint 6.3, learning just got a lot easier

Our most recent updates to Strongpoint contain a lot of exciting new features — check out the release notes for a full rundown. But there’s one small upgrade you might have missed: now, Strongpoint Academy, our online training hub, is accessible directly from the Support menu and on the Strongpoint Dashboard.

Here’s where to find it:

strongpoint academy

We’ve heard from customers that the training content on Strongpoint Academy has been invaluable to helping them understand the capabilities of the system on their own. So we’ve made it easier to find when you’re working away and need quick answers to your questions. 

Gone are the days of lost URLs or bookmarked tabs — this new upgrade takes your Strongpoint training to a new level of convenience. 

What Is Strongpoint Academy?

Strongpoint Academy is a comprehensive resource featuring demo videos and more. It’s available free of charge to all Strongpoint for NetSuite customers — if you haven't already registered, go to https://netsuitehowto-strongpoint.talentlms.com/dashboard to create your account and start learning. 

Strongpoint Academy complements our more comprehensive user guide and provides our customers with a 24/7 resource where they can learn about what you want, when you want — and hopefully get the answers they need without having to open a support ticket. 

Of course, if you want to connect with support or your customer success manager, we’re always on hand — and you can even do so directly through Strongpoint Academy.