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Maintaining Org Security with the Salesforce Health Check

You likely fell in love with Salesforce because of its flexibility. With its 'no-code' customizability and extensive range of third-party apps, the platform is endlessly configurable — and while that make it possible to set up your Org in any number of ways, it also makes it difficult to tighten broad security controls.

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salesforce data classification

Protect Your Data with Salesforce Data Classification

Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM)! Did you know that the loss of critical, and often sensitive, information can severely impact the profitability and innovation of your organization? And with consumer awareness of data protection on the rise, it’s no surprise that data security has become a mandatory responsibility for organizations running Salesforce. 

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5 Ways Integrating NetSuite and Salesforce Can Streamline Business Processes

With effective integration, your business can use data from different applications and systems in a unified way — as we like to say, your data is your most valuable asset, and if you don't have a proper way of bridging the gap between business systems, you won't be able to act on it in the way that you should. 

With that in mind, we've teamed up with Breadwinner, a leading integration solution between Salesforce and finance software, to give you insight as to why data integration is critical to a successful business. Read on to hear Breadwinner's take on how proper data integration can streamline your business processes.

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Technical Debt in Salesforce: A Primer

Technical debt in Salesforce is unavoidable as your business evolves — in many ways, it’s the cost of development. The longer you’ve been running Salesforce, the more likely it is that you’ve accumulated technical debt, such as unused customizations, obsolete roles and permission sets, and more.

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Why you should integrate NetSuite and Salesforce

Sales and Finance teams are two sides of the same coin — a profitability coin, that is. Both are critical to a company’s ability to succeed, and both need accurate data to work effectively. Yet the standard practice, when a company reaches a certain level of growth, is to have both teams working in their own silos — Sales in a CRM, like Salesforce, and Finance in an ERP like NetSuite.  

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