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5 Ways Integrating NetSuite and Salesforce Can Streamline Business Processes

With effective integration, your business can use data from different applications and systems in a unified way — as we like to say, your data is your most valuable asset, and if you don't have a proper way of bridging the gap between business systems, you won't be able to act on it in the way that you should. 

With that in mind, we've teamed up with Breadwinner, a leading integration solution between Salesforce and finance software, to give you insight as to why data integration is critical to a successful business. Read on to hear Breadwinner's take on how proper data integration can streamline your business processes.

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How a NetSuite Consultant Increases User Adoption with Flashlight

We love hearing from our customers — especially when they share how our tools helped them resolve a tricky issue. From productivity hacks to meeting compliance requirements, there’s no shortage of ways Strongpoint can meet the changing needs of your business.

Recently, Anchor Group's Jacob Terneus reached out to us with a great example. Jacob used Strongpoint's Flashlight tool to quickly identify help and description fields that were missing text — increasing user adoption and saving them hours of time.

Keep reading to hear Jacob's story, in his own words.

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Six Strongpoint Tools That Your NetSuite Admin Needs Today

Administrators are the lifeblood of any organization running NetSuite — from troubleshooting errors to configuring custom reports for SOX compliance, there’s no doubt that this jack-of-all-trades plays a fundamental role in the success of a business (we even wrote a blog post about this particular topic, which you can find here). A role this multifaceted requires a variety of different tools to get the job done.

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Five Reports Your NetSuite Auditor Will Love

Compliance requirements for ERP systems are on the rise — and given the customizability of NetSuite, if you're at a public or heavily regulated company, you can easily spend hours preparing your account for audit. We’ve heard first-hand that many public and pre-IPO companies are being asked to prove that their change processes are compliant — and luckily, with Strongpoint’s tools, proving this can be as simple as generating a few custom reports. 

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