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Maintaining Org Security with the Salesforce Health Check

You likely fell in love with Salesforce because of its flexibility. With its 'no-code' customizability and extensive range of third-party apps, the platform is endlessly configurable — and while that make it possible to set up your Org in any number of ways, it also makes it difficult to tighten broad security controls.

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Six Strongpoint Tools That Your NetSuite Admin Needs Today

Administrators are the lifeblood of any organization running NetSuite — from troubleshooting errors to configuring custom reports for SOX compliance, there’s no doubt that this jack-of-all-trades plays a fundamental role in the success of a business (we even wrote a blog post about this particular topic, which you can find here). A role this multifaceted requires a variety of different tools to get the job done.

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Five Reports Your NetSuite Auditor Will Love

Compliance requirements for ERP systems are on the rise — and given the customizability of NetSuite, if you're at a public or heavily regulated company, you can easily spend hours preparing your account for audit. We’ve heard first-hand that many public and pre-IPO companies are being asked to prove that their change processes are compliant — and luckily, with Strongpoint’s tools, proving this can be as simple as generating a few custom reports. 

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Technical Debt in Salesforce: A Primer

Technical debt in Salesforce is unavoidable as your business evolves — in many ways, it’s the cost of development. The longer you’ve been running Salesforce, the more likely it is that you’ve accumulated technical debt, such as unused customizations, obsolete roles and permission sets, and more.

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