Webinar Series:
Getting Your Org Audit-Ready

Don't get caught when compliance comes into scope

Step One: Finding Optimization Opportunities

Salesforce’s flexibility makes it easy to adapt and evolve as business needs change. It’s a great way to work — until compliance comes into scope. The first step in getting a mature Org ready for audit is to determine which customizations are needed and which can be safely deleted. Ultimately, the cleaner and more streamlined your Org, the easier it will be to produce reports that keep your auditors happy.


  • Mapping customizations and dependencies

  • Profiles/Permission Sets: Who has access to what?

  • Fields used as filters in reports

  • Cleaning up unused customizations

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Step Two: Building Better Change Management Processes

Audits are easy when you're logging and reconciling every change to your Org. And when you can automate the hardest parts of that work, you’ll save time and money on an ongoing basis, too. In this webinar,  you'll learn how intelligent controls can free up internal resources, speed up the change process and reduce the risk of deficiencies on audit.


  • Intelligent change controls

  • Automated impact analysis

  • Change requests and approvals

  • JIRA integration

  • Environment comparison

  • Advanced reporting: What changed?

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Step Three: Meeting Audit Challenges

With a streamlined Org and an intelligent change management process, you're well on your way to audit readiness. In our final presentation, we look at what's typically in scope for a Salesforce audit; how to design detective controls to protect your most sensitive data; and how to produce ITGC-compliant reporting and audit logs. 


  • What is typically in scope for audit?

  • ITGC

  • CPQ: blocking and detective controls for config data

  • Audit log reporting and reconciliation

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How to Build a Compliant Org From the Ground Up

When Salesforce comes into scope for an audit, you need excellent visibility into what’s changing, and effective controls for managing and reporting on this information. Getting there isn’t hard — as you’ll see, there are just three steps — but it does require a rethinking of how you manage your Org.

This fall, we’re hosting a three-part webinar series for public and pre-IPO companies running Salesforce. Your Org may not yet be subject to an audit, but if you handle any revenue-related data in it, you need to start preparing for the possibility today. Over the course of these sessions, we’ll cover the main things you need to know to make that happen in an efficient, cost-effective manner. 

Join us on Nov. 12 for a look at why cleaning up your Org is critical to meeting future compliance challenges — and how to do it quickly and safely. Then, on Nov. 26, we’ll walk you through setting up a change management system that produces audit-ready, ITGC-compliant reporting. Finally, on Dec 10 we tie everything together with a look at broader governance concerns within Salesforce’s CPQ software.

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