Salesforce Change Enablement

Increase the pace of change

Your Org needs to evolve — and with Strongpoint, enabling that evolution is safe and stress-free

Direct Your Expertise Where it Needs to Go

See which changes can be made quickly and which need more formal review

Treating every requested change the same way leads to serious bottlenecks in your release management process — and ultimately hobbles your ability to move at speed. To be nimble,  organizations must run multiple deployment paths based on the level of complexity of the work being done.

Strongpoint's change enablement tools leverage customizable change controls and policies to assess technical, operational and regulatory risk, and advise you on the process that should be followed for deployment. Whether it's a simple declarative change, or a complex change that requires a full software development lifecycle, you'll know in seconds.

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How Strongpoint Helps



Customizable Policies

Go deeper than just analyzing dependencies with custom change controls.


Automated Impact Analysis

Automatically see what's safe to change or delete, what approvals are required, and what process needs to be followed for release.


Easy Deployment

Use Strongpoint's tools to deploy your metadata in only a few clicks, with full rollback capabilities and change logging.


Advanced Reporting

Maintain visibility to all changes, with flags to alert you to risky changes that don't follow the right process.

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  • Easily prioritize simple declarative changes for quick deployment

  • Streamline your release management process

  • Reduce your backlog and increase end user satisfaction

  • Effectively allocate technical resources to your most complex work