NetSuite Change Management

Changing NetSuite at the speed of business

Your ERP needs to evolve alongside your business — but doing so can't put compliance or security at risk

Safer ≠ Slower

Standardize and accelerate your change process

In NetSuite, some changes — deprecating an unused report, for example  — are harmless. Others, such as altering a data model, are high risk, and should be tested in the sandbox or across the development lifecycle. 

When it isn’t possible to differentiate between what's risky and what's safe, all changes require the same level of investigation. As a result, resources and expertise are applied inefficiently.

With Strongpoint’s change management tools, however, expertise can be allocated when and where it’s needed most — and safe changes can be pre-cleared without a time-consuming investigation.


How Strongpoint Helps



Smart Change Policies

Streamline the change and compliance processes using custom or pre-built policies that specify the level of control required for different types of system changes.


Automatic Impact Analysis

Automatically check each proposed change for risk and determine the process and approvals needed to safely delete or modify any customization.


Automatic Approval Routing

Pre-clear safe changes based on the established policy, and use native NetSuite notifications to elevate to the proper authority those that require more investigation.


Change Lifecycle Reports

Use advanced reporting to capture the change process in a transparent format that helps internal teams and auditors understand what happened, and why.



  • Add structure and automation to your change management processes

  • Instantly see the risk level of a proposed set of changes

  • Get full transparency and visibility into all changes taking place

  • Automate more than 75% of your IT audit prep