Salesforce Change Management

Managing Change in Your Salesforce Org

Apr 7, 2021 12:46:52 PM / by Nicole Dawes

Learn how to manage big and small changes using Strongpoint and Salesforce.

Topics: Salesforce

Nicole Dawes

Written by Nicole Dawes

Now more than ever, you need your CRM to help you manage change. In Salesforce, “change” can mean both the broader forces that shape your business, and the everyday decisions that affect your processes. What’s often forgotten is that two are intimately connected.

In this webinar, we talk best practices for managing change in Salesforce. We’ll look at how you can leverage your CRM to make your business more resilient, and how you can use Strongpoint to stay productive and compliant while you do so. 


What's On the Agenda?

Some things we’ll cover include:

  • Building resiliency into your Salesforce Org
  • Identifying and prioritizing high-risk changes
  • Doing more with a reduced team
  • Managing work from home access control issues

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