Safeguarding Salesforce: Access Management for Security and Compliance

Sep 7, 2023 12:32:52 PM / by Nicole Dawes

Unlock the vault to secure security and compliance with Salesforce access management that leaves no room for compromise.

Topics: NetSuite

Nicole Dawes

Written by Nicole Dawes

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Effective Salesforce access management is a critical concern for organizations — but maintaining proper control over user permissions while preventing unauthorized access is a daunting challenge. Without a comprehensive solution in place, businesses face potential security breaches, compliance violations, and loss of oversight within their Salesforce environment.

Ensuring airtight security and compliance in this complex landscape requires an efficient, automated access management solution tailored to meet the unique demands of Salesforce — and luckily, Strongpoint has the right tools. 

Join Strongpoint experts to learn how to improve security and compliance with proper access controls in your Org. We'll look closely at access in Salesforce: what it is, how it's structured, and how you can use it to your advantage; then, we'll show you industry-leading tools that can automate most of the work around access.


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On the Agenda:

  • Access management 101: How is access structured in your Org?
  • An overview of access controls in Salesforce 
  • Managing security and compliance concerns with access
  • How to leverage Strongpoint

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