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Structuring Salesforce Access Controls for Security and Compliance

Mar 15, 2022 9:26:46 AM / by Nicole Dawes

Access in Salesforce is complex — but it's a major component of your security posture. 

Topics: Salesforce

Nicole Dawes

Written by Nicole Dawes

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In any enterprise system, risk boils down to two basic things — who can access that system, and what they can do in it. This is of course a major oversimplification, but it illustrates a key point for Salesforce teams: privacy and compliance start with effective access controls. 

But access in Salesforce is complex. Record-, field- and object-level security settings must be analyzed and applied to all of the users, apps and processes in your Org. As you can imagine, in a mature, highly customized account, this can be incredibly resource-intensive.

In our next webinar, we’ll show you how to protect your Org from loss with proper access management processes. First, we’ll go over a few best practices for structuring your Salesforce access and security settings — then, we’ll show you how to gain visibility into who can see and do what in your Org with Strongpoint’s suite of access management tools.

On the Agenda

  • Analyzing Salesforce access and security settings
  • Who can see and do what?
  • Intelligent access management with Strongpoint:
    • Object-level permission reports
    • Field-level object and user access reviews
    • Change approvals and reconciliation

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