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The Six-Step Shortcut to NetSuite Segregation of Duties

Mar 22, 2022 4:20:59 PM / by Nicole Dawes

Getting your NetSuite access controls ready for an audit has never been faster or easier.

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Nicole Dawes

Written by Nicole Dawes

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Too often, organizations struggle to implement and enforce segregation of duties in their NetSuite account. While reporting tools may be useful on an ongoing basis, they don't help you resolve the underlying issues — and do little to mitigate the actual risk of fraud posed by SoD conflicts. 

A smarter, faster approach to SoD requires more than just identifying the conflicts in your account. It requires a deep review of actual usage and processes to help safely manage change going forward. 

SoD can be a difficult project. Most teams think it requires resources they can't spare, but the truth is that SoD can be achieved in just six steps. And in our next webinar, we'll walk you through them. 

Join us on Tuesday, March 29th at 2pm EDT to learn how to implement SoD in NetSuite in record time. Audit-ready access controls are possible in weeks, not months, and in this presentation, we'll walk you through our foolproof cadence for building them, even the most complex accounts. 

SoD doesn't have to be stressful.

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Our Agenda

  • What is an SoD conflict?
  • ‘Phantom conflicts' — why they occur and how to avoid them
  • Strongpoint's proven, six-step SoD cadence
  • How to use automated access reviews to simplify SoD projects
  • Planning a rapid SoD implementation

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