Proactive Audit Prep in NetSuite

Apr 7, 2021 1:06:36 PM / by Nicole Dawes

Start the new year with a new approach to SOX audit prep.

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Nicole Dawes

Written by Nicole Dawes

If you’re a publicly traded company running NetSuite, or are in the early stages of planning for your IPO, this webinar will help you lay the groundwork for an easier path to compliance. 

We help companies save countless hours of work — and stress — by implementing a continuous auditing system based on smart detective controls. In fact, for many of our customers, quarterly audit prep is as easy as printing out three reports. Check out our profile of Strongpoint user Bandwidth for a great example of this in action. 

The good news is that there are steps you can take today — to make your NetSuite audit so much faster and easier. In this presentation, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to make audit prep easy in 2021.




“Our SOX audit team said we had the best controls for an organization pre-IPO that they had ever seen”

— Director of Financial Systems, ZoomInfo

“[Strongpoint] saves us a lot of time and anxiety... there have been no surprises”

— Director of Financial Systems, Bandwidth



Our Agenda

In this webinar, we begin by looking at what’s in scope — what, in our experience, auditors are looking for when they look at your NetSuite account. Then we cover some of the key challenges companies in your position face when prepping for an audit. Finally, you’ll learn about two publicly traded companies who are using Strongpoint to keep compliant and sail through audits every quarter.

  1. What’s in scope for SOX?

  2. How long should it take to prepare for audit?

  3. Key challenges:

    • Understanding the customizations in your account
    • Tracking changes and assessing their impact (Scripts, Workflows, Managed Bundles, etc.)
    • Establishing policies for compliant change management
    • Automatically linking change logs to approved change requests
    • Proving to auditors that policies were followed and you have a complete and accurate view of system changes
    • Showing auditors where things slipped through the cracks
    • Managing segregation of duties and access control issues
    • Building compensating controls
  4. SOX audit success stories:

    • Smartsheet
    • ZoomInfo

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