Navigating Change in NetSuite: Mastering Change Tracking and Jira Reconciliation

Jul 31, 2023 12:39:19 PM / by Nicole Dawes

Unlock unbeatable efficiency and compliance with improved change tracking in your account.

Topics: NetSuite

Nicole Dawes

Written by Nicole Dawes

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With a surge in security breaches and ever-tightening compliance mandates, organizations running NetSuite face several challenges with their ability to properly track changes and efficiently reconcile external ticketing systems like Jira. Without a proper solution in place, wasted time, costly errors, compliance pitfalls, and a concerning lack of visibility will cause irreparable damage — or at least, a major headache.

As it stands, the stakes have never been higher — and the need for a robust system to monitor and reconcile changes effectively is more critical than ever. 

Join Strongpoint on Thursday, July 27th at 2pm EST to learn the ins and outs of NetSuite change tracking with Jira. We'll take a deep dive into our foolproof change management processes that will not only save you hours of work, but will help your organization get compliant in less time than ever before.


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On the Agenda:

  • Change Management in NetSuite
  • Change tracking and Jira reconciliation
  • Audit reporting

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