Salesforce and SOX: What's in scope — and how to get compliant with less stress

Nov 1, 2022 2:46:52 PM / by Nicole Dawes

Salesforce’s flexibility makes it easy to adapt and evolve as business needs change. Until compliance comes into scope.

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Nicole Dawes

Written by Nicole Dawes

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We’ve seen it time and time again — Salesforce teams scrambling to get their Org compliant for an upcoming audit, only to realize it’s a bigger task than they originally thought. The fact is that control deficiencies and material weaknesses in Salesforce are more common than you think — and with the increased breadth and complexity of the platform, auditors are now wanting to see how you manage anything touching revenue-related data.  

The only way to avoid an expensive SOX audit is to be prepared. Knowing what’s in scope and how to prepare your team without draining your resources should be top priority when thinking about getting your Org compliant — and on November 9th, we’re showing you exactly how you can do this.  

Join our webinar on November 9th at 2pm EDT to learn why — and what — auditors are looking for in Salesforce, and how you can get compliant faster than ever before with Strongpoint’s suite of automated compliance tools.  

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Our Agenda

  • What’s in scope in your Salesforce Org 
  • Common flags and questions your auditor might ask 
  • An exclusive demo of Strongpoint’s automated compliance tools 


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