NetSuite Roles and Permissions

Crash Course: NetSuite Roles and Permissions

Apr 6, 2021 9:50:27 PM / by Nicole Dawes

Stay secure and productive by streamlining unused roles and permissions in NetSuite.

Topics: NetSuite

Nicole Dawes

Written by Nicole Dawes

NetSuite roles and permissions are powerful tools for maintaining safety and compliance. But, at first glance, they can seem complicated.

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What's On the Agenda?

1. Understanding User Roles

  • Permissions
  • Permission levels
  • Required forms and list views
  • Role settings
  • Script dependencies
  • Cleaning up unused roles

2. Understanding Permissions

  • What is a permission?
  • What are tasks?
  • How do permissions affect navigation?
  • Cleaning up unused permissions

3. Managing Access

  • A real-world approach to segregation of duties
  • How to protect your data using NetSuite’s access controls
  • Implementing two-factor authentication and SSO
  • IP locking

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