Most Common SoD Challenges for Pre-IPO and Public Companies

Jan 13, 2022 4:15:38 PM / by Nicole Dawes

SoD can be time-consuming and complicated — and it presents its own set of challenges for companies running NetSuite. Learn about some of the most common challenges and how to solve them with Strongpoint.

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Nicole Dawes

Written by Nicole Dawes

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On paper, the principle behind segregation of duties is simple — users should not be able to perform multiple steps in a financial transaction. In reality, especially in a system as dynamic as NetSuite, identifying violations and building controls to prevent them takes resources most systems teams don’t have.

Typically, the solution is a long and manual review of role configuration and business processes. Identifying issues is one challenge, but resolving them can be an even greater one  — which can be a problem if you’ve got an audit on the horizon. 

There’s an easier way. In our next webinar, we’ll discuss some of the most common SoD challenges and their root cases. Then, we’ll demo Strongpoint’s easy-to-use SoD tools, so you can see for yourself how actionable information can help you identify — and prevent — violations. 

We’ve helped hundreds of companies running NetSuite simplify SoD, access management and regulatory compliance. Join us on January 20th and see how it’s done. Register today to watch live or have the recording sent to you afterwards.

On the Agenda

  • Common SoD challenges in NetSuite
  • Overview of Roles and Permissions
  • How to optimize your account with a user role clean up
  • Strongpoint’s SoD Module and Compensating Controls

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