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NetSuite Change Management — Automated!

May 17, 2022 1:58:18 PM / by Nicole Dawes

Change in NetSuite is necessary — but it's also risky. Our solution? Automation.

Topics: NetSuite, NetSuite Admin

Nicole Dawes

Written by Nicole Dawes

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Effective change management in NetSuite starts with an accurate assessment of risk. Which changes are risky, and require review, approvals, and testing as a result? Which do not? Most NetSuite teams don’t have formal policies or processes in place to govern this; and if they do, typically, they require extensive manual discovery, which means a lot of work for your Admins and BAs.  

The result is that change processes in NetSuite are often inefficient, unscalable and prone to human error. In our next webinar, we’ll look closely at why this is, and what you can do about it with automation. 

First, we’ll look some best practices for NetSuite change management. Then, we’ll cover impact analysis — how to determine the risk of a proposed change before pushing it to production, with a look at some free and supplementary tools that can make it easy. Finally, we'll cover how we can streamline audit processes by automating how you tie change logs from production back to originating change requests.

Join us on Tuesday, May 24th at 2pm EDT to watch live, or register to receive the recording afterwards.

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Our Agenda

  • NetSuite change management best practices
  • Identifying and prioritizing high-risk changes
  • Building and automating change policies
  • Automated Audit Reporting


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