Getting Audit-Ready in NetSuite: Quick Steps for Successful SoD Implementation

Mar 22, 2023 2:06:02 PM / by Nicole Dawes

Learn how to quickly implement Segregation of Duties for your upcoming NetSuite audit.

Topics: NetSuite

Nicole Dawes

Written by Nicole Dawes

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Segregation of Duties is a critical component of a successful NetSuite audit — but it can also be a challenge to implement, especially in a complex account. 

And when you throw a NetSuite SOX audit into the mix, it becomes a race against time (and your audit requirements).

Luckily, there's a better way.

Strongpoint enables NetSuite teams to complete an SoD project in less time than ever before. Join us on Wednesday, March 29th at 2pm EST to learn how to implement Segregation of Duties in NetSuite quickly — and without interrupting your business processes.


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On the Agenda:

  • Overview of Segregation of Duties in NetSuite
  • SOX compliance 101: What you need to know for your next audit
  • Strongpoint's rapid SoD methodology 

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