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Analysts and Admins

I use Strongpoint to make smarter, forward-thinking changes

I discovered Strongpoint while looking for a tool that would show me the dependencies on a customization. I’d seen a lot of my colleagues make mistakes by fast tracking changes without proper investigation, and I wanted to make sure that never happened to me. 

We started with Flashlight, which was great because it was free! I loved how easy it was to use. But the more I learned about our Org, the more I realized how many unused fields we had. So I convinced my boss to upgrade to Documentation and Optimization, and used it to run a comprehensive cleanup. Now, I’m making changes with confidence, and our Org as a whole is running a lot faster and more predictably!

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Developers and Architects

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I use Strongpoint to make complicated projects worry-free

I’d heard from others in the Salesforce community that Strongpoint had great impact analysis tools. But I worried it wouldn’t be easily adopted — I’ve seen many instances where a tool looks great on paper, but doesn’t mesh with our existing process and, as a result, doesn’t get used. 

What I loved about Strongpoint was that it integrated into JIRA at the ticket level. Now, my admins can access detailed impact analysis without switching to a different platform. Whether we’re making a simple change or running a major dev project, I know that actionable information is easily accessible.

IT Management

I use Strongpoint to empower my team and align with our broader business objectives

I typically don’t worry about the day-to-day management of our enterprise systems. I’ve hired talented admins and developers, and I trust them to ensure that our systems work the way they should. What I’m concerned with is the big picture: How effective is our governance framework? How quickly can we adapt if things change?

I learned about Strongpoint from a new hire, who raved about how it helped them in a previous role. What immediately impressed me were the big-picture benefits — here was a tool that would make our change and audit processes more streamlined. Plus it was native to Salesforce, which meant we weren’t putting our data at risk with an outside platform.

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I trust Strongpoint to deliver accurate, up-to-date reports

I can't do my job without up-to-date information. This is especially true when working with companies running a mature Salesforce Org — too often, just getting an accurate look at who's doing what is a time-consuming challenge. 

I love how Strongpoint's tight controls and reports produce a definitive, easy-to-understand audit trail with reconciliation back to originating change requests. And getting that info is simple — I can access the system directly through the Auditor role to view changes and approvals without waiting for IT staff to consolidate data manually data consolidation. From start to finish, Strongpoint saves me time and effort every step of the way.

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