Webinar Series: Three Steps to NetSuite Compliance

Validating your account is easier than you think

Step One: Streamlining Your Account

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Technical debt — unused saved searches, fields and other customizations — makes NetSuite harder to navigate, and makes it harder to build a validated system. Our first webinar covers the impact of technical debt on compliance, then shows you how to document your customizations and run cleanup projects to streamline your account.


  • Mapping customizations and dependencies
  • SQL library
  • Identifying unused customizations for cleanup
  • Identifying inactive owners and unused access
  • Automated saved search cleanup

Step Two: Automating Change Management

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Your business purchased NetSuite for its industry-leading flexibility. In this webinar, we show you how to start using it to its full potential. We’ll cover how to perform impact analysis on a proposed change, how to build and automate effective, audit-ready change policies, and how to integrate both with ticketing systems such as JIRA/ServiceNow.


  • Intelligent change controls
  • Automated impact analysis
  • Change requests and approvals
  • JIRA integration
  • Environment comparison
  • Advanced reporting: What has changed?

Step Three: Building Smarter Controls

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An auditor once told us, “We aren’t worried about the things you know about. We are worried about what you don’t know about.” In the last webinar in our NetSuite compliance series, we show you how to create detective controls around access control and financial data — and keep your auditors happy with noncompliant change reporting.


  • Segregation of duties (SoD) rules
  • Blocking controls for critical access
  • Master data and financial controls
  • Mitigating controls

How to Build a Compliant System From the Ground Up

Audit requirements for NetSuite accounts are changing — more aspects of the system are coming into scope, and more businesses, both public and private, are being asked to prove that their change processes are validated. 

Setting up your account to meet these requirements doesn’t have to be stressful, expensive or time-consuming. Over the next three weeks, we’re hosting a series of webinars that will help you make sure your NetSuite account is ready for whatever happens next.

Going public and worried about SOX? Making changes to accommodate an acquisition or expansion? Need to prove to internal auditors that you’re meeting their governance requirements? Register for this free webinar series to learn how to build compliance directly into your NetSuite processes — and streamline audit prep as a result.  

On Nov. 5, we kick things off with a look at how to identify and safely eliminate technical debt for a cleaner, easier-to-manage account. Then, on Nov 19, we’ll cover how automation can speed up your change processes and give you accurate, audit-ready reports. Finally, on Dec. 3, we’ll show you how to build smart controls around user management, segregation of duties and other critical issues auditors care about.

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