Automating Salesforce Governance

Break through bottlenecks with audit and governance tools for Salesforce

Good governance shouldn’t come at the expense of speed

Best practices, made better

Build a more effective governance framework with Strongpoint’s tools

Salesforce’s governance framework is a set of best practices for running a safer, more productive Org. But too often, aligning teams, projects and business goals around a common set of policies means more work and less efficiency.

The solution? Automate it. Strongpoint’s tools automate key aspects of the Salesforce Governance Framework — enabling IT teams to effectively prioritize work, assign the right resources and manage backlog projects.

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How Strongpoint Helps



Impact Analysis

Empower less technical resources to perform detailed impact analysis — and instantly get information about the risk posed by potential changes.


Resource Allocation

Understand risk and assign the right resources to projects, maximizing the use of your teams and eliminating bugs and re-work.


Release Processes

Automate critical decisions about the appropriate approvals, testing and release processes required for different types of changes.


Change Logs/Reconciliation

Capture every step of the change process to automatically link back to the originating request and confirm the appropriate policies were followed.



  • Standardize and automate your impact analysis process

  • Effectively prioritize and assign work

  • Maximize productivity by enabling a quick deploy process 

  • Automate reporting and reconciliation back to originating tickets