SOX Compliance for Salesforce

Get compliant — and prove it — with automated SOX compliance tools for Salesforce

Reduce audit costs by up to 90%, and cut prep time by more than half

Powerful compliance tools — recommended by Salesforce

For public companies, faster audits begin with automation

The Salesforce platform puts several key aspects of SOX compliance within easy reach. But getting there takes the right tools — particularly in mature and heavily customized Orgs, where lots of users are making changes regularly.

Some of the most common challenges we see include:
  • Monitoring access to critical data
  • Maintaining segregation of duties between those that develop and those that deploy
  • Maintaining visibility to all changes that take place in the Org
  • Reconciling audit logs back to originating change requests in systems such as JIRA or ServiceNow

Salesforce specifically recommends Strongpoint in their white paper, Salesforce Best Practices Around IT Compliance for SOX. Working with our customers, we’ve found our full suite of tools can cut prep time by 50% or more, and eliminate around 90% of the costs. Here’s how.

Technician preparing check list in server room

How Strongpoint Helps



Visibility to Access

Strongpoint's customizable reports automatically summarize levels of access to objects and fields by profile, permission set and user.


IT Segregation of Duties

Automate your deployment process and maintain separation between team members building in sandbox and deploying into production. 


Change Logs

Strongpoint automatically captures a detailed record for all changes that take place in the Org — who did it, when it was done and what exactly changed — regardless of how the change was made.


Automated Reconciliation

Strongpoint integrates with JIRA and ServiceNow to streamline impact analysis and automate reconciliation of your audit log back to the tickets that the changes originated from.



  • Automate review of field level access across objects by profile, permission sets and users

  • Dramatically reduce deployment time, while separating duties between those that develop and those that deploy

  • Streamline reporting, saving more than 50% of your audit prep time

  • Save 100+ hours a year spent reconciling tickets to audit logs