Salesforce Clean Up and Optimization

Streamline your Org with less time and effort

Strongpoint takes you deeper than field usage, making complex clean up projects faster, safer and stress-free

Enable Your Business With a Cleaner Org

Clean up is difficult and time consuming; Strongpoint makes it easy

Salesforce admins know that cleaning up unused customizations can speed up delivery times and increase adoption, while reducing technical issues, maintenance requirements and operating costs. However, Org cleanup requires a comprehensive understanding of technical, organizational and regulatory risk — in other words, time and resources that most teams don’t have. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. Strongpoint gives you multiple tools to make changes with confidence and streamline complex cleanup projects — helping you get your Org in order and keep it that way.


How Strongpoint Helps



Comprehensive Org Documentation

Instantly see usage details and get comprehensive dependency information for your metadata.



Leverage pre-built reports to automatically identify the best candidates for clean up and optimization.


Automated Report Clean Up

Build a simple rule set and automatically clean up your unused reports and send customizable alerts to owners.


Structured Change Processes

Strongpoint has built-in tools to help you categorize and organize your work, including automated tools for impact analysis

Salesforce Strongpoint Screen


  • Quickly clean up your Salesforce Org, with confidence
  • Save days of work with pre-built reports and dependency analysis

  • Automatically archive old and unused reports
  • Organize and add structure to complex clean up projects