Reducing Technical Debt in Salesforce 

Speed up and streamline your Salesforce Org

Strongpoint makes it easier to move quickly and make changes with confidence

Your Org Can Be Easier to Use

Strongpoint's cleanup tools make deprecating old customizations safe and easy

Deprecating old customizations in Salesforce isn’t the most exciting part of an admin’s job. In fact, it’s time-intensive and, if it goes wrong, it can break your business processes. What if there was a way to know instantly what was safe to get rid of, and what requires more investigation?

Strongpoint includes a full suite of technical debt management tools that help you run a more intuitive, streamlined Org, with less time and effort. 


How Strongpoint Helps 



Dependency Relationship Diagrams

Assess the level of technical and business risk at-a-glance with a visual representation of all metadata and dependencies.


Customization Search

Search your documentation and filter results by API Name, Type, Packages, Created or Modified Dates, and more.



Leverage pre-built reports to identify the best candidates for cleanup with fields to support quick impact analysis.


Automated Report Cleanup

Build a set of rules and let Strongpoint automatically clean up unused reports from your Org.

iPAd 2-3


  • Avoid hours of labor-intensive investigation time
  • Improve ease of use and adoption

  • Simplify Org administration and eliminate bugs

  • Reduce your backlog with shorter decision making time