NetSuite User Role and Permission Cleanup

Untangle your NetSuite Roles, Permissions and assignments for speed, safety and security

When unused roles and permissions build up, it's that much harder to make sure everyone has the access they need

Access Made Easy

Clean up and manage NetSuite user roles and permissions with Strongpoint

NetSuite user roles and permissions are immensely powerful, but also very complex — managing them effectively takes time and resources most admins and finance teams don't have. Typical workarounds can lead to segregation of duties issues, as well as technical debt.

Strongpoint helps you understand and efficiently manage or cleanup your roles, permissions and assignments — saving hours of work and letting admins focus on more important tasks.

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How Strongpoint Helps



Investigation and Discovery

Drill down to a specific user role and understand what someone assigned it can see and do — as well as the forms and list views they have access to.


Unused Role and Permission Cleanup

Run complex cleanup projects that identify inactive/unassigned roles and other candidates for deprecation.


Role and Permission Monitoring

Strongpoint automatically monitors your account for changes to user roles and permissions, blocking or elevating those that put your processes at risk.


Segregation of Duties

The ASoD module integrates into the Employee record, making it easy to adopt custom rules and protect your data by blocking unsafe changes.



  • Save time when investigating current user roles and permissions

  • Streamline user management and access reviews

  • Protect your data and prevent broken processes

  • Avoid risk and simplify compliance efforts

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A clear and confident understanding of user roles is vital to successfully managing NetSuite. Learn more on our full Guide to Management, Cleanup and Compliance.