NetSuite Testing

Streamline NetSuite testing protocols with powerful automation

Strongpoint is a key part of any NetSuite developer’s testing toolkit

Smarter Testing, Made Simple

Instantly know what’s safe to change and what to test

NetSuite testing is traditionally a time-consuming process built around trial and error. While many tools promise to make it easier, few integrate seamlessly with the NetSuite environment. The result is that proposed changes are either over-tested, under-tested or tested incorrectly.  

Strongpoint supports the implementation of ‘shift-left’ testing models by making information about proposed changes accessible at all stages of the development process. With accurate information, you can avoid last-minute bottlenecks and produce more accurate software, faster.

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How Strongpoint Helps



Impact Analysis

Define the scope of testing by identifying all dependencies on a customization — and the potential impact of making a change.


Entity Relationship Diagrams

Use Entity Relationship Diagrams to visualize the complexity of a proposed change and see what code touches what.


Environment Comparison

Keep sandbox and production accounts in sync, and get a full diff between pre- and post-deployment environments.


Release Processes

Know what to test by automatically differentiating between quick, declarative changes, and those that require a more formal process. 


  • Use advanced intelligence to define the scope of testing

  • Integrate testing earlier into the development lifecycle

  • Streamline release processes without affecting QA

  • Free up dev teams to focus on matters that require their expertise