NetSuite and ServiceNow Integration

Connect NetSuite and ServiceNow to make changes faster and automate audit

Use Strongpoint's tools in ServiceNow to plan and track changes more effectively

Two Powerful Tools, Connected

Perform impact analysis in ServiceNow for seamless visibility into changes

Wish you could perform effective impact analysis directly within ServiceNow? Are you struggling with time-consuming manual reconciliation of your system notes back to originating tickets?

ServiceNow enables your teams to work more effectively — without changing their processes. With Strongpoint integrated into your ServiceNow ticket, they'll get full visibility to your NetSuite customizations and dependencies, for fast, reliable impact analysis. Best of all, Strongpoint automatically reconciles change logs back to the originating tickets, so audit prep is easier, too. 

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How Strongpoint Helps? 



Seamless Integration with ServiceNow

Access Strongpoint from your ServiceNow tickets for insight into your NetSuite customizations and dependencies.


Automated Impact Analysis

Instantly see dependencies, impact analysis and recommended change control policies for the customizations that you have put in scope for change.


Straightforward Implementation

Strongpoint Change Requests are automatically created from ServiceNow to fit seamlessly into your existing approval and release processes.


CR Reconciliation

Link all changes in production back to the originating ServiceNow Change Request. Identify any changes that didn't originate from a request. With accurate logs, you'll keep auditors and change review boards happy.



  • Streamline impact analysis and release management processes
  • Save 100+ hours a year trying to reconcile system notes back to ServiceNow tickets

  • Track ServiceNow tickets and NetSuite deployments in one place

  • Implement easily without changing your processes and approval flows