Master Data and Financial Controls for NetSuite

Move beyond saved searches and manual review

With smarter controls, risky activities receive the scrutiny they require in less time

Monitor Changes to Master Data and Transactional Activity

Automated detective controls enable compliance, security and peace of mind

Until now, standard practice was to use NetSuite saved search alerts to stay on top of changes to master data and transactional activity. While this is great for monitoring, it doesn’t help come audit time — and doesn’t prove to controllers that alerts were acted on. 

With Strongpoint’s master data and financial controls, you can move from static monitoring to active response — and create an auditable trail that will make compliance easier. Strongpoint converts saved searches into powerful detective controls that route violations to the proper authority for review and clearance, and collects a record of that in a separate, auditable GRC system. 

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Agent Controls in 2 Minutes:

How Strongpoint Helps



Pre-Built Control Library

Get up and running quickly with an extensive library of pre-built controls that address the most common concerns.


Extensive Customizability

Modify any of the built-in controls to account for business complexity and specify what data is captured.


Advanced Detective Controls

Convert unprovable email alerts and reminders into true detective controls that automatically log any violations.


Financial Object Monitoring

Automatically monitor changes to accounting lists, bills of materials, revenue recognition templates and other financial objects.

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  • Gain additional visibility to risky changes and events
  • Avoid building your own saved searches with a pre-built library of controls

  • Automatically route violations to the correct authority
  • Simplify period close with accurate reporting