Jira Integration in Salesforce

Make safer changes faster, with smarter tickets

Strongpoint's tools pair with Jira to show you the impact of a requested change sooner

Tie together Jira tickets and Salesforce 

Strongpoint works seamlessly within Jira to automate impact analysis and reconcile change logs to change requests

You rely on Jira to manage the delivery process — but manual impact analysis and the work involved in compliance and reporting are major drains on your productivity. Unless every change can be linked back to an originating request, you’re likely to spend days getting ready for an audit. 

Strongpoint works seamlessly within Jira to make your change management process safer and simpler, without the time and effort of changing tools or retraining your team.

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How Strongpoint Helps



Seamless Integration with Jira

Access Strongpoint from within your Jira ticket for insight into your Salesforce Org


Automated Impact Analysis

Instantly see dependencies and impact analysis for the changes that you are proposing


Automated Change Logs

Get a record of every change in your system — who did it, why and when — and get full visibility into your Org



Automatically link all changes in production to the originating Jira ticket with customizable reports to keep change review boards and auditors happy



  • Automate impact analysis within the Jira ticket
  • Avoid reconciling audit logs back to originating change requests

  • Reduce audit prep time by more than 75%

  • Get a complete and accurate list of system changes with customizable reports