ServiceNow and Salesforce Integration

Automate compliance while moving at speed

Strongpoint helps you do more with ServiceNow, and save hours of work at audit time

Audit-ready Change Enablement with Smarter ServiceNow Tickets

Add dependency and impact analysis into ServiceNow

ServiceNow is critical to your ability to manage change. But its reach doesn't extend into your Salesforce Org, and it doesn't provide additional information about the impact of the requested changes on the rest of your system. Without this information, your teams must look outside your tickets to determine the appropriate release management process.

Strongpoint gives you access to sophisticated impact analysis tools at the ticket level, and automatically reconciles change logs back to the originating change request. Best of all, you’ll get the full benefit of these features without having to train your team on a new system.


How Strongpoint Helps 



Seamless Integration with ServiceNow

Access Strongpoint from within your ServiceNow ticket for faster insights into your Salesforce Org.


Automated Impact Analysis

Instantly see dependencies and access Strongpoint's impact analysis tools for each proposed change.


Automated Change Logs

Get a record of every change in your system — who did it, why and when — and get full visibility into your Org.


Change Log Reconciliation

Keep change review boards and auditors happy by linking all changes in production to the originating ServiceNow ticket.

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  • Automate impact analysis within the ServiceNow Ticket

  • Avoid reconciling audit logs back to originating change requests

  • Reduce audit prep time by more than 75%

  • Get a complete and accurate list of system changes with customizable reports