Simplifying Audits in NetSuite

Apr 7, 2021 9:28:56 AM / by Nicole Dawes

How to reduce SOX prep time by up to 90% with intelligent change controls. 

Topics: NetSuite

Nicole Dawes

Written by Nicole Dawes


Both auditors and NetSuite teams want the same thing — secure systems, easy-to-follow processes, and a complete and accurate view of system changes. One of the main reasons we created Strongpoint was to make getting there easy. 

Many of our customers report that their audit prep time dropped by 90% and the audit was massively shorter.

With well-designed change controls and effective automation to support them, passing audit should be simple. But it’s a collaborative effort. IT teams need to show auditors what they want to see, and auditors need to understand how it fits into the system as a whole.

This webinar is an attempt to bridge the gap between auditors and NetSuite teams. In it, we provide a comprehensive overview of how Strongpoint ensures your change reporting is accurate and complete, and demonstrate how to produce everything you need to show with just a handful of pre-built reports.

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Our Agenda

Strongpoint's executive team has helped hundreds of public and pre-IPO companies get ready for audit. In this presentation, led by CEO Mark Walker and Director of Customer Success Amy Carlson, we cover:

1. Strongpoint overview:

  • Key records 
  • Key ITGC reports 
  • The Auditor role

2. Change clearance in Strongpoint:

  • Levels of change control
  • Change/approval policy records
  • The Strongpoint change workflow
  • Change log records

3. Auditing changes in Strongpoint:

  • Changes to Strongpoint change policies
  • Change approvals 
  • Changes cleared through prior proper approvals
  • Open non-compliant changes
  • Resolved non-compliant changes cleared by management

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