Salesforce Audit Tools: How They Help and Where They Fall Short

Apr 18, 2022 1:13:55 PM / by Nicole Dawes

A complex heavily customized Org can produce thousands of records a week — can Salesforce's built-in tools manage them alone?

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Nicole Dawes

Written by Nicole Dawes

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Out of the box, Salesforce comes with some powerful change tracking tools. The setup audit trail and field history tracking contain a lot of information that, if you’re subject to SOX or other compliance standards, your auditor will want to see. 

The problem? A complex heavily customized Org can produce thousands or even tens of thousands of records a week. What’s more, Salesforce only stores these records for six months. The result is that, when it’s time for audit, finding what you need is incredibly time-consuming — if you can find it at all. 

We designed Strongpoint to close these gaps, offering ways to track and report on changes to user access, metadata and configuration-related data. On Tuesday, April 26th at 2pm EDT, we’re taking a deep dive into how Strongpoint complements Salesforce’s change tracking tools to make prepping for an audit up to 90% faster.

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Our Agenda

  • The pros and cons of Salesforce’s audit tools
  • Metadata vs. data tracking
  • Strongpoint’s suite of compliance tools


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