How to Build Secure, Audit-Ready Access Controls in Salesforce

Nov 16, 2021 3:20:55 PM / by Nicole Dawes

Any business can build highly effective and highly secure access controls in Salesforce. Learn how with Strongpoint. 

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Nicole Dawes

Written by Nicole Dawes

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In a perfect world, everyone using Salesforce would have access to the information they need to do their job — and be restricted from the information they don’t, and shouldn’t, need to access. But in many mature Orgs, access is often a complex web of roles, permissions, permission sets and permission set groups — one that has little visibility and lots of potential for security and compliance violations. 

There’s a lot that can go wrong when working with a complex system of access control — changing a sharing setting may accidentally expose sensitive data to someone who shouldn’t see it; deprovisioning a permission set may accidentally restrict access to features the sales team needs to close a deal.

And on top of everything else, public companies have compliance and governance requirements to worry about. Auditors are increasingly looking to see that you understand who has access to what and why — without a time-consuming review, it may be impossible to get that information. 

The good news is, any business can build transparent, easy-to-use access controls in Salesforce. 

On Tuesday, November 23rd at 2PM EST, we’ll show you how. Our presentation starts with a review of how access works in Salesforce, followed by a look at some general best practices for managing it. Then, we’ll show you how Strongpoint’s automated tools can reduce the work involved in reviewing access, maintaining these controls and prepping for audit

Our Agenda

  • Roles, profiles, permission sets and more — how access in Salesforce works
  • Best practices for managing access on an on-going basis
  • Auditing the profiles and permission sets in your Org
  • Audit prep and User Access Review



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