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Crash Course: NetSuite Testing

Apr 7, 2021 9:25:12 AM / by Nicole Dawes

Get to know the best practices and helpful tools for testing in NetSuite in this exclusive crash course for NetSuite developers and admins.

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Nicole Dawes

Written by Nicole Dawes

Testing critical processes is vital to ensuring that they are operating smoothly and consistently. The challenge for NetSuite teams is to manage the demands of testing with the demands of business — and that requires both advanced preparation and, where possible, automation. 

This crash course on NetSuite testing, led by Strongpoint CTO Nicolas Cano, is ideal for developers, admins, analysts and executives. The presentation provides a comprehensive overview of the approaches and tools we use in our own company to manage testing. We cover:

  • Different types of testing used by NetSuite teams
  • What NetSuite testing tools are available?
  • How and when to test in different environments
  • Using Strongpoint to automate aspects of NetSuite testing
  • Limits to automation
  • Testing scheduled and map/reduce scripts
  • Best practices for building a test script library

Find the full agenda below.



NetSuite Testing: How Strongpoint Helps

If you’re a Strongpoint customer or are considering becoming one soon, there are several ways our products can help reduce the time and cost associated with testing.

Critically, Strongpoint shows you which customizations will be affected if you make a change — greatly reducing the number of test cases that need to be run but also ensuring that you understand what may need to be tested. We also offer a suite of environment comparison and change management tools that validate deployments and automatically check that your team followed best practices in making each change.

Explore some of our NetSuite use cases to learn more, or watch the webinar and see for yourself how our products fit into broader testing best practices.


Full Agenda

Types of testing used by NetSuite teams

- Unit testing
- Acceptance testing
- Regression testing

Available NetSuite testing tools

- Open source vs. proprietary tools
- Selenium vs Katalon
- Creating custom testing scripts 

How and when to test in different environments

- Unit testing in the development environment 
- Acceptance and regression testing in Sandbox environments 
= Why you should never test in production

Using Strongpoint to automate aspects of NetSuite testing

- Building a testing plan using documentation mapping/impact analysis
- Ensuring test validation using environment comparison
- Integrating with Selenium and Katalon

Testing scheduled and map/reduce scripts

- Unit testing at the script level
- Regression testing at the process level

Best practices for building a script library

- Focusing on process
- Using Strongpoint to identify scripted/workflow-related fields



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