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Data-driven insights and audit-ready reporting

How easy is it for your team to get a complete view of the material changes taking place in your Org? Can you view changes by person, by Object and by type? Can you reconcile your audit log with your Jira tickets, and demonstrate why changes were made? 

With Strongpoint, you can. And you can do it easily. Whether your goal is to pass an audit easier, run a more effective dev process, or simply get better transparency into the customizations in your Org, Strongpoint gives you the data you need.

How Does Strongpoint Help?

Strongpoint logs every change in your Org, and reconciles change requests and approvals to a verifiable audit log. Out-of-the-box reporting shows you and your auditors what changed, whether or not it was materially significant, and, if it was, who approved it and why. 

Use our Salesforce-native change management system or integrate seamlessly with Jira or ServiceNow. Either way, you’ll save hours of manual reconciliation time and enjoy simpler, stress-free audits if SOX or other regulatory standards are in scope for your Org.

Safer, simpler, smarter change processes

Change Log Reconciliation

If you have a review and approval process for changes in Salesforce — whatever it looks like — it isn't useful unless you have a way to tie those approvals back to the changes themselves. In other words, it's no good to have an Excel doc or email chain approving a change if you can't reconcile it with development activity in your Org. 

Demonstrating that change requests and approvals are tied to a verifiable log is a key part of passing an audit and maintaining the overall integrity of your Org. Normally, this requires hours, if not days, of manual reconciliation. Strongpoint solves this problem — by doing the work for you!

Strongpoint's change management system logs all development activity and connects it to requests and approvals. Changes that don't follow the proper approval process are marked as noncompliant and collected for review — so you can stay on top of everything that slips through the cracks, and prove it to your auditors. 

Capture all changes in an audit-ready log

Connect tickets to deployed changes

See compliance status at a glance

Prove compliance to auditors in minutes

How It Works

Reconciliation walkthrough

In Strongpoint, change log reconciliation is automatic and foolproof. Here's a demo. 

Work your way — only better

Jira/ServiceNow Integration

You rely on Jira or ServiceNow to manage the delivery process — but the work involved in compliance and reporting are major drains on your productivity. 

Strongpoint works seamlessly within Jira and ServiceNow to make your change management process safer and simpler, without the time and effort of changing tools or retraining your team.

With Strongpoint, Salesforce change logs and Jira/ServiceNow change requests are automatically reconciled — giving you audit-ready reporting outlining who did what, and when.

We've also included a set of impact analysis tools at the ticket level to make it easier to understand what's in scope and what you should be concerned about when making a change.  

Reconcile change tickets to audit logs

Eliminate hours of  manual audit prep

Get impact analysis tools at the ticket level

See all dev activity using out-of-the-box reporting

Watch a Demo:

From tickets to reporting

Here's a quick demo showing how Strongpoint integrates seamlessly into Jira to produce audit-ready reporting. 

All your development activity, in one place

'What Changed' Reports

The 'What Changed' report is your at-a-glance record of all development activity in your Org.

See what happened and whether it followed policy — and link to Strongpoint's Change Logs for a full diff of the changes

A simple process to show complete control over your Org

10 Minute Audit Prep

Strongpoint Reporting and Reconciliation for Salesforce

If your Org handles revenue-related data, it may be in scope for SOX. Increasingly, auditors are looking to see how public companies running Salesforce handle changes to metadata in the platform. 

Fortunately, with Strongpoint up and running in your system, passing an audit is as easy as printing out three reports:

This report shows all changes that followed policy — ie, everything that was reviewed and approved according to the process you've set out in your Policy Records, or everything that Strongpoint determined to be non-material and safe to change:


This report shows everything that didn't follow policy — such as emergency hotfixes — and the steps you've taken to resolve it:


This report shows everything that didn't follow policy and is still under review. Ideally, it should be empty when you head into audit! Many Salesforce teams schedule weekly or monthly standing meetings to review and clear out whatever outliers remain in the system.


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Building Better Change Management Processes

Get a comprehensive overview of the link between change management and audit-ready reporting — and how Strongpoint makes the entire process simple.

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