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Business and Financial Systems Leads


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I use Strongpoint to make smarter changes

When I started this job, I inherited a backlog of change requests from users; even now, with all I’ve got on my plate, there are still times when things start piling up and I’m not able to respond as quickly as I’d like to. 

Since I started using Strongpoint, however, it’s gotten so much easier to investigate the impact of a proposed change and make sure I don’t break anything. I’m able to respond to requests faster while remaining confident that I’m aware of any potential downstream effects. This keeps users happy and — best of all — keeps management out of my hair, so I can focus on doing my job.


Business and Financial Systems Leads


I use Strongpoint to empower my team to move faster

Making sure our ERP software is responsive to our business’ needs is my main priority — and that means staying on top of everything that happens to our account. 

Most of our system changes are safe and simple, but others require more scrutiny. Previously, there was no way for me to know which was which. Installing Strongpoint has been a game changer in this regard.

Now, the system automatically applies impact analysis to all proposed changes. If there’s no technical and business risk to the change, my team knows it’s safe to go ahead. If there’s anything I do need to worry about, it gets elevated to me automatically. And, everything that happens is logged and searchable, so my reporting is streamlined and automated.

Finance, IT and Audit Leadership

I use Strongpoint to meet our compliance requirements — and more

I’m always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of my team. I was introduced to Strongpoint by a consultant I hired to oversee our migration to NetSuite — they recommended that I install Flashlight to better understand the customizations in our account.

When our company was planning to go public, I started looking for something that would help us get ready for SOX and was happy to learn that Strongpoint helps with that, too. Now, we’re using Enterprise Compliance to produce audit-ready reports showing all changes to our sensitive data and effectively enforce Segregation of Duties.

Best of all, I’m better leveraging the internal expertise of my team — not only are we more able to meet audit requirements, we're also more productive.

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