NetSuite Reporting and Reconciliation

Review, reconcile, report — automatically 

When it comes to passing an audit — or building a better governance framework in general — making a list of changes in your account is only half the battle. Companies tend to encounter the most difficulty when they’re asked to prove they understand why those changes were made.

Whether you track approvals via email, spreadsheet or an external ticketing system like Jira or ServiceNow, tying those approvals back to the changes that actually took place in the system — and demonstrating that the appropriate policy was followed — is an incredibly time-consuming process.

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How Strongpoint Helps

Strongpoint automatically reconciles changes to approvals and automatically tracks the changes and updates that are the most difficult to capture manually. This functionality can be easily integrated into JIRA and ServiceNow using pre-configured plugins, so that your teams can continue using those platforms while taking advantage of Strongpoint’s industry-leading impact analysis and change policies.

Once installed, Strongpoint continuously audits your changes and alerts Administrators and managers when a high-risk change occurs without the proper approvals. At the same time, non-critical changes are automatically cleared.

The result is up to a 90% reduction in audit preparation time, and significant reductions in audit costs for many customers.

Change Log Reconciliation

If you have a review and approval process for changes in NetSuite — whatever it looks like — it isn't useful unless you have a way to tie those approvals back to the changes themselves. In other words, it's no good to have an Excel doc or email chain approving a change if you can't reconcile it with development activity in your account. 

Demonstrating that change requests and approvals are tied to a verifiable log is a key part of passing an audit and maintaining the overall integrity of your account. Normally, this requires hours, if not days, of manual reconciliation. Strongpoint solves this problem — by doing the work for you!

Strongpoint's change management system logs all development activity and connects it to requests and approvals. Changes that don't follow the proper approval process are marked as noncompliant and collected for review — so you can stay on top of everything that slips through the cracks, and prove it to your auditors. 


Capture all changes in an audit-ready log


Connect tickets to deployed changes


See compliance status at a glance


Prove compliance to auditors in minutes

Audit-Ready Reporting

Great change control aren't worth much if they can't be reported on. Fortunately, Strongpoint comes with out-of-the-box reporting detailing, in an immutable record, everything that happened in your account. 

That's not only the changes that followed policy, but also the ones that didn't. As one auditor put it to us, "We're not concerned with what you know. We're concerned with what you don't."

Strongpoint is the only change management system that captures everything that went wrong, in addition to the changes that followed policy. It also treats changes to those policies with the same scrutiny — so if someone were to attempt to cover their tracks by altering the policy after that fact, that would be documented, too. 


See all noncompliant changes — before your audit


Show comprehensive change controls with just three reports


Eliminate up to 90% of the work of compliance prep

Three Reports That Prove Compliance

At the end of the day, what does all this mean? It means you can walk into any audit with confidence, knowing you're doing what your auditors want, and that you can prove it to them with just three reports:

Everything that didn't follow policy and requires review. Ideally, when you go into audit, this report will be empty — most NetSuite teams have a standing meeting to go over it and clear it out on a regular basis:

open noncompliant


Everything that didn't follow policy — hotfixes, emergency approvals, etc — and was reviewed after the fact and cleared by your team, along with the reasons why. This is the report your auditors will be most concerned with, as it shows everything that fell through the cracks — and proves you have a system for dealing with it:

resolved noncompliant


Everything that followed the proper approval and testing policy, or that was determined to be safe by Strongpoint and automatically approved:

compliant changes


Watch a Demo

In this clip, Paul Staz explains how three Strongpoint reports can tell your auditors everything they need to know. 

Case Study: Smartsheet

Thanks to Strongpoint's reporting and reconciliation capablities, Smartsheet is now saving 15-20 hours a month on audit prep — and staying compliant without expanding their team. Register to download the case study and learn how they did it.

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