Flashlight by Strongpoint

Go from clutter to clarity with automated system documentation - a powerful set of FREE tools for NetSuite and Salesforce admins.

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Answer the question, "If I change this, what will break?"

Accurate documentation, on demand

Flashlight is a native tool for Salesforce and NetSuite that shows you how your system has been customized, and how those customizations are connected. When you know that, you know what's safe to change or delete, and can continue to evolve with confidence.

  • Automatically document your NetSuite or Salesforce accounts
  • Gain visibility to dependencies
  • Easily see what could be impacted by a change
  • Stay up to date on changes taking place with admin dashboards
  • Troubleshoot issues in seconds

Flashlight for Salesforce

Instant insights into your Org

Flashlight for Salesforce shows you all the custom objects, object relationships and processes in your system — and gives you advanced tools to speed up the change process. 


Flashlight for NetSuite

A smarter way to see your customizations

Flashlight is a Built for NetSuite-approved SuiteApp that gives you complete account documentation on demand — and helps you use that information to work with confidence.


...a Swiss Army Knife of system documentation, change management, and risk management

Installing Flashlight has been one of the best things I've done as an admin

...very helpful in tracking changes and in seeing the impacts of a new solution to the current system

Being able to see all connections to a field has often saved me from making costly mistakes.

I am sure that the deeper I get there, will be no way that I could ever go without it!

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