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Leveraging Script Management for a More Responsive NetSuite Account

Business Problem: Custom scripts are a powerful and widely used feature of NetSuite. However, if they aren’t tightly managed, they can easily get out of hand. Poorly managed scripts can slow load times, interfere with each other or confuse staff and developers. One of the many goals of FLODocs is to help NetSuite customers get a handle on their scripts.
Ideally, we want as little scripting running as possible to achieve our business purposes. This guide will walk you through the key steps to getting your account running as smoothly as possible.

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NetSuite Account Clean-Up: Why and How

When you buy NetSuite, it’s beautiful and pristine – like a mountain lake or your kids’ rooms when they are away at camp. But after a short time, sometimes even during implementation, customizations start to accumulate that are not useful or not used anymore. Whether these are fields, records, forms, searches or more complex tools such as scripts and workflows. These extra customizations can:

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Nortek Security and Controls Discusses Rapid ROI from Closed Loop Change Management with FLODocs

Amy Carlson from Nortek gives an overview of their FLODocs Change Management process in NetSuite and describes the ROI they achieved.
"For our risk our risk was ineffective ITGC,  that directly meant addition costs to us ... to our auditors they would have to come in and spend probably 3 times as many hours manually going over those controls rather than being able to rely on the IT environment..  that;s areal cost that we would have had to expend this year and all following years until we were able to prove out our IT General Controls" 43:00 minute mark

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